The best moments from Matisse Thybulle’s chaotic friendship with Mike Scott and Tobias Harris

Matisse Thybulle has a very unique friendship with Sixers team veterans Tobias Harris and Mike Scott. Some may call it bullying, but those really paying attention know that it isn’t. This is tough love. The wolves (Harris & Scott) have put the task of hardening up the young pup (Thybulle) into their hands. Thybulle is a nice guy, but maybe he is too nice. When you think of some of the all-time greats in NBA history, do you ever think “wow that guy was really kind”? No, you don’t. Case closed, and here are some of my favorite moments from the new friendships that Thybulle has made this year.

1) Popeyes Fiasco

One of the best moments for the Sixers this year happened off the court. That is not surprising if you have watched the Sixers on the cour this year. Thbyulle, as required by his Sixers rookie contract, was in charge of getting food from Popeye’s for the entire team. Anything less than satisfactory in an order of fast food could be devastating for the Sixers, as former Sixers rookie described Joel Embiid’s appetite in this clip. To the shock of the entire team, the rook Thbyulle only got 6 biscuits for the entire team and all hell broke loose:

Later in the season, Tobias Harris went to Popeye’s with Thybulle and heckled him the entire way:

2) Mike Scott and Thybulle’s Iconic Tik Tok

Call me old hat, but I’m not a tik tok guy. However, only a deranged cynic wouldn’t enjoy this tik tok between Scott and Thybulle. This is art:

3) The Online trolling

The trolling between Thybulle and Tobias and Thbyulle and Mike Scott is some of the best I’ve ever seen at the NBA level. Here are some of their greatest hits:

And Mike Scott wasn’t exactly a huge fan when Thbyulle signed up for Tik Tok:

look closely at Mike’s comment

4) The on-court chemistry

Lemme pretend for the sake of completing this list that the Sixers had on-court chemistry this year. I mean just look at this pass from Thbyulle to Scott:

yes, this is a poorly written article

5) Thybulle briefly replacing Mike Scott in the starting lineup

Yes, the best part of Thybulle being on the Sixers this year has not been the off-the-court stuff. It’s the fact that he is a very exciting rookie who has a lot of potential. He hasn’t been the best shooter since coming back from injury, but he’ll figure it out in time. He replaced Scott in the starting lineup on January 15th against the Nets (I think) which was long overdue because Mike Scott has played very poorly up until the last few weeks of the season.

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