The Top 5 Moments from Brett Brown’s time as Sixers Coach

To quote Borat after Azamat Bagatov left: “There were good times, great times, and there were shit times. Mostly there were shit times.”

Although that isn’t entirely true. There were plenty of good times with Brett as Sixers coach. There were shit times too, but a lot of good times to go with it. Not this year though! All shit!

He was a good man who cared about his team and his players, but ultimately, it is past his time to go. Let’s look back on the 5 best moments from Brett Brown’s time in Philadelphia:

1) Brett Brown kicks ball against the Rockets, gets a technical foul, and the Sixers lose

This was awesome for a few reasons. It showed that Brett cared despite coaching a shitty team and it also ensured a loss on a team that was tanking.

2) James Butler

Brett referred to Jimmy Butler as “James Butler” and “the adult in the gym” after a win over the Raptors in Game 2.  Of course Jimmy later corrected him:

…and we don’t need to get into alleged problems between Jimmy and Brett at this time.

3) The 2015-2016 Sixers win the draft lottery

There were several times during the 2015-2016 season where all hope looked lost. A 10 win season, a shitty team with no real pieces, Dario had not come over yet and Joel Embiid had not played yet. But with winning the draft lottery, finally there was some good news! You could see the genuine look of happiness/relief on Brett’s face when the Sixers name was called in that one spot. Of course legendary GM Bryan Colangelo would go on to draft Ben Simmons and the rest, as they say, is history.

4) Announcing Markelle Fultz will play

After potentially the most confusing start to a season ever from a player, Brett Brown announced that Markelle Fultz will play on March 26th, 2018 to the shock of local media:

Fultz’s time in Philly was nothing short of a disaster. However this interaction with the press where Brett got emotional showed that he cared a tremendous amount about his players, especially Markelle Fultz.

5) Sixers beat the Heat in 5 games, Brett Brown rings bell and is doused with chocolate milk

This feels like 10 years ago. 🙁

Farewell Brett

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