Who is the Bulls security guard from The Last Dance who beat Michael Jordan in quarter-toss?

One man captivated what was potentially the best episode of “The Last Dance” so far. Not Micahel Jordan revealing the grueling details of his journey on the way to a second three-peat. Not Isiah Thomas questioning why he was left off the dream team. Not the devilish good looks of Jerry Krause. I am of course talking about the security guard that beat Michael Jordan in a game of toss-the-quarter. And he laid an ass whooping on Mike at toss-the-quarter might I add.


He beat him and then hit the shrug – a celebration on par with Allen Iverson’s stepover in 01:

I tried to do intensive research about who this man, who captivated an entire nation with incredible charisma and a gorgeous head of hair, could possibly be. Chief Keef? Potentially as they both have iconic manes, but the timeline doesn’t match up. Jan Hus? No, I doubt he survived a burning at the stake 600 years prior… Bill Murray? Maybe…

No, the man was a fella by the name John Michael Wozniak. A Chicago resident, John was one of Michael’s personal security guards while Mike played in Chicago. Wozniak was originally a police officer in the city of Chicago, taking the position in 1970. In 1992, when John was photographed in this iconic image with Mike and 4 other guards:

He was working part time during this time as a security guard while also working full time in the narcotics division for Chicago PD. He went on to become one of Michael’s full-time security guards, traveling with Michael all across the country and world keeping him safe. Clearly, he did a hell of a job as he helped MJ navigate the perils of fame and fortune. In a 2016 complex interview (where I got all this info from) John stated that he still had a very close and special relationship with Air Jordan to the day he was interviewed. Although he admitted that he didn’t own a lot of Air Jordan sneakers.


Tragically, John didn’t live to see the completion of this film. He passed in January of this year at the age of 69. But I hope that his surviving family and friends can find solace in the fact that he brought joy to millions of people through this film in times of crisis. You can read his obituary here and, if you are willing, donate to St Jude’s Children Hospital in his honor. He was clearly loved by all who knew him. RIP John



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