The Sixers and Wendys are trying to scam their fans out of free frosties

Well folks, if you’re like me you have put your blood, sweat and tears into following the Sixers throughout the process. And it pains me to see that after Sam Hinkie has left, customer service has really gone out the window. This is Colangelo’s doing no doubt. The promotions have been getting more and more watered down since the Sixers started getting better. What was a free big mac if the Sixers scored 100 points has turned into a free SMALL frostie from Wendy’s if the opposing team misses two free throws in a row in the second half. Thankfully, the Blazers blew last night and Nurkic (a poor mans’ Jokic while Jokic is a poor mans’ Shaq while Shaq is a poor mans’ Embiid) missed two in a row in the fourth quarter. Sixers fans, including myself rejoiced as we knew our tickets were now redeemable for a free frosty.

But hold the phone. They are only redeemable one day after the game and today just so happens to be Thanksgiving. Not only are all the Wendys in my area closed but, who the hell wants a frostie on Thanksgiving? This is the scam that goes all the way to the top and I am calling on all my fellow Sixers fans to join me in not backing down. In a city where people are working longer hours for lower wages, the Sixers game should be a place where fans are rewarded for supporting their team which has been dogshit for the majority of the last 5 years. Fans have spent their hard earned money on this team and all they want is a free frostie. I reached out to both the Sixers and Wendys for a comment, but have not heard back. So Mr. Colangelo, please look into your cold, cold heart and extend the offer just one more day. Thank you all and have a great Thanksgiving!

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  • May 7, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    And you’re a poor mans Side Show Bob


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