Sam Hinkie featured in emotional “Game Of Zones” Series Finale

The series finale of the Bleacher Report show “Game of Zones” went live hours ago and it is very bittersweet. Kyrie Irving is seen in a scene visiting a chained, aged, unshaven and malnourished Sam Hinkie. He was also in a previous Game of Zones in Season 4 dedicated solely to himself, Joel Embiid and the Process.

If you don’t have the patience to watch a 12-minute episode, the interaction between Hinkie and Kyrie in the series finale starts around the 5:45 mark:

“Any cynic can tear things down and call themselves a genius, but it takes a true visionary to actually improve things. To build a better world. That’s the part I was really looking forward to.” Sam Hinkie, Game of Zones 5/21/2020

People need to pay for this man losing his job!


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