Fanbo Zeng Scouting Report (Gonzaga Commit)

The long-awaited scouting report for Fanbo Zeng is finally here. He is currently a 4-star recruit and ranked 33rd overall in ESPN’s class of 2022, although he plans to reclassify and head to Gonzaga by the start of the 2021 school year. Fanbo, a 6 ft 9 inch stretch 4, had a breakout 2019-2020 season at Windermere in Florida. He was named to the 3-A All State First team, being the only Sophomore to make the 3A first team.

Since the coronavirus hit, he had to head back to his home country of China where he has been ever since playing for the Beijing Ducks U-19 team and the U-17 National Team as well as even practicing with the China Men’s Basketball Team. He committed to Gonzaga and I really think this kid will be something special.


Shooting He has a really impressive stroke and a good release which has only excelled since he got to China. While playing for the Beiing Ducks U-19 team as just a 17 year old, he averaged 20.6 pts while joining the 50-40-90 club. He shot 56% from the field, 41% from 3 and 91% from the FT line.

Handles – Very solid dribbling for someone so tall. Was seen bringing up the ball on set plays for the U-19 Beijing Ducks but that most likely won’t happen at the next level. His handles will be most effective on the fast brake, but can use dribbling to create shooting opportunities for himself at most places on the court.


Length – On the high school level and in China, he has been a very effective shot blocker in the paint as well as on the perimeter.

Speed – Can move really well and nimble for someone so tall.


Strength – Being that he is only 17 years old, he should not be written off for his strength just yet. And to his credit, he has gotten a lot stronger since going back to China. Check him out around the 30 second mark in the video below:

I’m not too worried about this. Many younger players have big question marks around their strength and if they can actually get stronger at the next level. I am not particulary worried about Fanbo. He seems to have gradually gotten bigger and the world-class facilities at Gonzaga will only help him grow. However, he shouldn’t let up as he will need to get stronger so his game can get even better at the next level.

Incomplete body of work – Due to his constantly changing environment (China to the US and then back to China) he hasn’t really developed a loyal fanbase yet. Unless you are a diehard Gonzaga fan, you don’t know who he is and according to my sources he is still relatively unknown in China. My point is and the question I am posing is will his basketball pedigree have been enough to ensure that he will have a successful career at the #1 School (Gonzaga) and all of their top competition. Time will tell…


Bottom Line-

If Fanbo can translate his skillset to the next level he will be a special player. He really can do it all in terms of shooting, passing, blocking shots and dribbling. The questions that linger are how much muscle can he put on before now and the start of the 2021-2022 Gonzaga season and if he is ready for that task. I think he is and will go on record saying that Fanbo Zeng will be drafted to the NBA when he declares becoming just the 8th China-born player to do so.


If you want more information on Fanbo, watch my video below:

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