Teddy Gallagher and the 10 Greatest Mullets in Sports History

There have been a lot of great surprises in the College Football season this year. Breece Hall arguably becoming the best running back in the country for Iowa State, Coach James Franklin defying all odds and returning to form despite covid holding him back, and the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers football team surprising everyone but themselves by becoming (currently) the 16th ranked team of the country.

Who is the heart and soul of that Chanticleers team? Look no further than senior linebacker Teddy Gallagher.

As seen above, Gallagher dons a mullet which he dubs as the “Chanticleer Chandelier.”

Now Teddy isn’t the only person on his team (Silas Kelly has a sweet one) to rock a majestic mullet. It seems like they grow on trees over there:

However, Gallagher’s mullet is the best and it got me thinking as to what are the Top 10 Mullets throughout ALL of Sports History. Much like I did for my list of The Greatest Mustaches in Sports History, I researched this intently to give you the best possible list. Here we go…


Honorable Mentions:


Mitch Williams

Roy Nelson

What a specimen

John Kruk


Michael Chiesa

Don’t you ever talk about my mullet…


If he rocked a mullet against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, the streak would still be alive.

Keli Leaupepe

Dustin Martin (AFL)

(Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

This is known as the Dusty…

Vitor Belfort

Side effects from TRT include growing a beautiful mullet.

Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon

This will only improve as time goes on

Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi could never…


Take a bow, son.


The Illustrious Top Ten

10) Tom Thibodeau

Although Thibs’ mullet days may be behind him, Knicks fans are hoping he can regain the magic that he once had for the team this year.

9) Jack Goodhue

This is why you watch the Rugby World Cup. Because you stumble upon the fact that one of the guys on the greatest rugby team in recent memory has a really sweet mullet.

8) Teddy Gallagher

His mullet has given so many hope in a time of pain.

7) Ricky Simon

Many stopped following the sport altogether when Simon revealed that he cut his mullet.

6) Barry Melrose

Melrose just shat on anyone who said people from Saskatchewan, Canada can’t go a great mullet.

5) Randy Johnson

One of the best arms (and mullets) ever!

4) Jared Allen

I don’t think anyone in sports history owned the look in the way Jared Allen has.

3) Sammy Brooks (Iowa Wrestling)

Brooks drops wisdom on his mullet in this interview that went viral in 2016 after Brooks won the Big 10 title.

2) Jaromir Jagr

Perhaps the most iconic mullet ever.

1) Dwayne Schintzius

There it is. The greatest mullet ever. Sadly, leukemia took Dwayne in the prime of his life at the age of 43 years old in 2012. Despite that, he will continue to bring millions around the world joy with the head of hair he rocked in his playing days which he referred to as “The Lobster.”



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