Eagles vs Cowboys SNF Preview


By Chip Bayless




On Sunday night, the Eagles (4 – 4) and Cowboys (5 – 3) will square off in a highly-anticipated divisional matchup. It will be Golden Tate’s first game as an Eagle, and hopefully he does something like this against the Cowboys again:

Hopefully Carson Wentz can keep effectively feeding all of his hungry receivers too. Effectively is the key word there.


While many have gawked at the Eagles supposed regressive offense compared to what it once was in 2017, Wentz has thrown an interception on less than one percent of his passes, a mark he leads the NFL in.


While both teams are only one game apart from each other in terms of overall record, the Cowboys shouldn’t scare the Eagles (or at least their offense shouldn’t), despite what Zeke and their smelling-salted fan base believes.

While the rest of the NFL has taken advantage of the new rules that protect receivers and quarterbacks by building their offenses on air-raid concepts where elite QBs spread the field and gash defenses for chunk plays, the Cowboys are attempting to build their 21st century offense around a running game and a running quarterback.


The result shows on the scoreboard. While the Eagles have scored the most points in the NFC East (178), the Cowboys boast just four more points on the year (154), than the lowly 1-7 Giants (150).

In 2018’s NFL, the Cowboys and Dak Prescott have gained more than 200 yards through the air just four times over the past nine games. Prescott also has yet to throw for more than 300 yards or more than two passing touchdowns in a single game this year. Not exactly an explosive offense.

Not to mention the running back this archaic offense is built around, Ezekiel Elliott, hasn’t exactly been as effective as one would expect a “dominant” running game to be. So far in 2018 Zeke has rushed for 80+ yards in just three games this year, and has seen the end zone only four times so far this year.


It doesn’t even matter that the Cowboys have Amari Cooper now. Their offense simply isn’t built for 21st-century success. Dak and Zeke aren’t going to carry the Cowboys to a Super Bowl.

Hopefully, the Eagles defense will be able to stifle this garbage offense even without two of their top four corners. Per reporter Ed Kracz, Jalen Mills and Sidney Jones have both been ruled out for Sunday.

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