Who the hell is Travis Fulgham? 10 fast facts

It is becoming a yearly tradition for Eagles fans to generally have no clue who Carson Wentz has to throw to until the game is well underway. Wentz will throw down field to an unknown receiver, the Fox commentator will say the name of the receiver who made (or didn’t make) the catch and Eagles fans are left at home going “Who the hell is that guy” and “When did that guy get here.”

If you need what I just said explained in the form of a Spongebob meme, here is something I made for twitter before yesterday’s game:

Yes, that is the feeling Eagles fans had when Travis Fulgham scored a 42 yard touchdown last week to seal the deal against defending NFC Champions, the San Francisco 49ers. Then, yesterday against the Steelers, Fulgham balled out for 152 yards on ten receptions and a touchdown to go along with it. The last Eagles receiver to have at least 150 yards in a game was Jeremy Maclin all the way back in 2014. Fulgham could be a threat to defenses for years to come and will certainly be heavily targeted on the waiver wire this week. However, with only two career starts under his belt, it is clear that most people have no idea who this guy is. So, I cooked up 10 quick facts to get to know Travis Fulgham:

1) Fulgham was on three teams within the last two months

Never give up on you dreams kids.

2) He played college football at Old Dominion

Fulgham walked on to the Old Dominion football team his freshman year, but by the end of that fall he had earned himself a scholly. As a Senior he led Conference USA in receiving yards and was selected to play in the Senior Bowl. Thank you Wikipedia

3) Chad Ochocinco Johnson is a huge fan of him

Chad Johnson was one of the best wide receivers in his prime, so it is a good sign that he sees a lot of potential in Fulgham’s game.

4) He was drafted by the Lions

With the 184th pick in the Six Round of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Lions selected Travis Fulgham. He was signed to a Rookie contract, then waived, then promoted to the practice squad, then promoted to the active roster, only to then be cut on August 9th, 2020. I’m sure the Lions are kicking themselves right now. That is almost as bad of a decision as drafting JJ Arcega-Whiteside over DK Metcalf… haha!

5) He is the second coming of christ


6) He was the highest graded Wide Receiver in Week 5 according to PFF

This isn’t a surprise to anyone that was watching the Eagles/Steelers game. The dude looked like the second coming of Terrell Owens…and Christ.

7) Fulgham already has more career catches than JJ Arcega-Whiteside

Fulgham has 12 and Whiteside has 11.Β 

8) He has more catches and yards in his first two starts than Randy Moss did

I’m going to assume this is true and won’t bother fact checking.

9) The last Eagles receiver to have 150 yards was Jeremy Maclin in 2014

Hey, didn’t you already say this? Yeah, I’m running out of ideas.

10) He attended Massanutten Military Academy for a period as a youth

You can tell he honed his manners at the Military academy in the video below. He refers to the guy probably not to much older than him as sir:

All in all, there isn’t too much information on Travis Fulgham online. From what I can gather he is a soft-spoken, humble young man who has put his blood sweat and tears into his craft to get him to where he is today. I look forward to watching his future very closely.

BONUS: He also loves to block

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