The 5 most unintentionally hilarious tweets from Howard Eskin

To those getting worked up over Howard Eskin, I would encourage you not to do so. He is Philadelphia’s Stephen A. Smith, a master provocateur. You can enjoy the “work” he does much more when you realize he is doing it to simply get a rise out of people. I’m assuming…

Regardless, his twitter has been a gold mine these past couple years and here are the 5 funniest tweets he’s pressed send on:

1. Super Bowl Seeding

One seeds playing against each other in the Super Bowl happened four of the last five years up to this point including Eagles vs. Patriots the previous year. Which Howard Eskin attended… And got a Super Bowl ring for…

2. Confusing  the Orlando Magic with Magic Johnson

This tweet, which happened today, gave me the inspiration for this article. Confusing Magic Johnson with the Orlando Magic? He has to know what he’s doing right?

3. “This can only help”

This is Howard Eskin, a supposed Philly sports insider, reacting positively in real-time in 2019 to a trade that happened four years prior.

4. Cliff Lee

Spell check Howard!

5. If Markelle Fultz was from Serbia


Thank you Howard Eskin. A true Philly legend!

One thought on “The 5 most unintentionally hilarious tweets from Howard Eskin

  • May 9, 2020 at 9:45 am

    The very best thing that could ever happen to Philadelphia sports is for Eskin to disappear forever. He’s an utter shitstain on everything.


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