MVP Of the Nets/Sixers Series – Alan Horwitz

The Nets/Sixers series ended last night and it is time to reflect on a series that we will ultimately forget in a week. A series that I like to refer to as The Good, the Bad and the Dudley!! Outside of a forgettable Game One, the Sixers stepped up the way people expected and closed the series in 5 games. Embiid averaged a double-double throughout the series with 24.8 pts and 13.5 rebounds. Tobias Harris played great shooting 50% from the field and averaging 17.6 and 8.8. Ben Simmons, after a disappointing game 1, was not far behind Tobi averaging 17.2 and 6.8. Shit, even Furkan Korkmaz shot over 40% from the field in garbage time. It was a total team effort and

Games 3 and 5 were some of the best Sixers wins I have seen in years, let alone this season. But that begs the question…who should win my vote for Series MVP? Embiid the double-double machine? Boban and his excellent perimeter defense? Perhaps even Jared Dudley for poking the bear and having it backfire? No, no. For the MVP of this series took the court, but he did not suit up. I am of course talking about Sixers Super-fan Alan Horwitz who gave it his all for every single game in this series whether it be in Brooklyn or Philly. If you’ve ever watched a Sixers game, surely you’ve seen this majestic man:

Sixers game since I can remember. How does he do it? How does he find the will to get to every Sixers game? Well, he founded and owns Campus Apartments INC which provides housing to students in the Philadelphia area and he apparently has been doing that since the 60s. So, Mr. Horowitz we salute you and your efforts throughout this series because it truly made the difference. He was the only man to come out unscathed from the Dudley/Butler/Embiid scuffle. Here he is casting witchcraft on Spencer Dinwiddie (the only thing that could possibly stop him.)

Stay tuned for the next series to see if Mr. Horwitz heads across international waters to represent his team. He destroyed the Nets superfan Mr. Whammy in this round, but he faces a much more dangerous opponent in Round 2. That is, of course Nav Bhatia who is friends with Drake. A tall task, but Alan can take him no matter the country.

Now it is time to take a look at the top 5 Sixers Super-fans Power Rankings:

    1. Alan Horwitz of course (check out when he destroyed Kobe)

2. Benjamin Franklin looking guy (couldn’t find a picture)

3. Big Daddy (Zhaire Smith’s nutritionist)

4. Those two dancing kids

5. Wale



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