Skip Bayless is the Most Insufferable Person to Ever Appear on a TV Screen

by Jeb Kush


Skip Bayless is the worst sports analyst to ever appear on television, and the fact that he is still co-hosting a prime-time sports show is downright ridiculous. His sports knowledge is about a 3 out of 10, and his personality is maybe as a high as a 2. Every time he opens his squawk box I am just praying someone crams a full head of lettuce in there and does us all a favor. Here are his 3 worst takes of all time:


Oh yeah Skip? A 28 year old rookie who got to throw to Justin Blackmon his entire career is going to be better than Ryan Tannehill? Great call on Trent Richardson too. That man is incapable of finding the open hole.




I mean this is just an absolute gem. To be fair Skip was only slightly off. The only thing wrong about this tweet is that LeBron is the best player in the NBA every single year and Johnny Manziel doesn’t even have a job, is addicted to cocaine, and looks like a guy from your hometown who is still trying to be a professional DJ at age 34.

Looking good!


This tweet is so self-indulgent and arrogant I don’t even know where to start. He really felt the need to put “ripped” in all caps. Newsflash: You’re not “RIPPED” Skip… you look like a dried prune with a trunk full of dead hookers in their ’95 Cadillac.

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