10 Reasons Why the Cavs Have a Small but Legitimate Chance at Coming Back and Winning the Final.

by Jeb Kush

First off, yes, I know the Warriors are absolutely stacked and are already up 3-1 in the Finals. They will most likely win the series (unfortunately). All that aside, the series has not been as lopsided as the record will have you believe, and here are 10 reasons why the Cavs still have a shot of completing this improbably comeback.

1. If you think about it, the series could easily be tied at 2-2 right now. If Korver makes that shot from the corner two games ago in the fourth, the Cavs win that game. This is evidence that these two teams really are not that far apart.

2. Kevin Durant is probably Mormon.

3. Steph Curry sucks on defense, and sooner or later the Cavs will take advantage of that. Their plan in game seven of last year was literally to pass and screen until Curry was defending whoever had the ball. Sooner or later, that strategy will be used effectively again.

4. The Cavs still have Lebron, who is the best player in the NBA. Any team that has him will automatically go to finals and you cannot say that about any other player in the NBA.

5. Kevin Durant is mentally weak as evidenced by the fact that he joined the team that beat him. The very same team that he was up 3 games to 1 on, and the very same team that he choked away that lead to.

6. The Warriors choked when they were in this exact same position last year, so if any team can choke away this 3-1 series lead, it’s the Warriors.

7. Draymond Green is an absolute moron and will get himself ejected or suspended sooner or later, as evidenced by the two technicals he got last night that should have gotten him ejected.

8. J.R. Smith might just pull up from half court and drain every shot every possession and win the game.

9. The refs might give the Cavs a game or two considering the horrendous officiating last night.

10. Fuck Kevin Durant. He is a soft frail snowflake who could not even get one rep of the NBA combine weight for bench press.

Don’t underestimate LeBron

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