Jeff Fisher Claims He Deserves more Credit for the Rams’ Success this Year


By Chip Bayless






In one of the most ludicrous statements of the decade, former Rams head coach Jeff Fisher casually mentioned in an interview with the podcast The Midday 180 that he deserves some credit for the Rams newfound success this year. Fisher said, “They’re basically – I don’t want to say my players – but I had a lot to do with that roster. Left them in pretty good shape, and Sean, as he has shown in a short period of time, is an outstanding young coach, and he’s got the offense going, which was needed.”

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That is a horrendous argument if you examine it fully. He is saying that he deserves some success for how well the Rams are doing because it is basically his roster so he deserves credit for constructing this successful team. That concept is a joke. If this successful Rams team is basically the same one as the year prior then their newfound success this year is proof of the inadequacy of the previous regime.



This year the Rams are currently 10-4 and thus will finish either finish 10-6, 11-5, or 12-4. Last year in case anyone forgot the Rams went 4-12 and Fisher was fired midseason. Last season, Todd Gurley had an absolute shit year for someone as talented as he is. He still broke 1,000 total yards but he only ran for 6 TDs, caught zero more TDs, and averaged a measly 3.2 yards-per-carry. This season? The season that the Rams have not even finished yet?


Gurley is behind only Le’Veon Bell in total yards, and is still almost 200 yards ahead of Kareem Hunt (Gurley has 1,817 while Bell has 1,849 and Hunt has 1,641). Gurley also leads all non-QBs in touchdowns and is likely to at least triple his touchdown production from last season of 6 as he already has 13 rushing TDs and 4 receiving TDs. Not to mention, Gurley’s YPC skyrocketed up 1.4 yards from last season to the 4.6 it currently rests at.

How about Case Keenum? The guy that looked so bad in Jeff Fisher’s system that he frequently got booed off the field in L.A.? Under a head coach not named Jeff Fisher, he is currently leading a playoff bound Vikings team that has already clinched their division, and the whole Vikings fan base seemingly has his back. In Fisher’s system, Keenum threw for 2,201 yards, 9 TDs, and 11 picks. He was also benched mid-season. In the Vikings system this year Keenum has already topped 3,000 yards and has thrown for 20 TDs while only throwing 7 interceptions.



Keenum and Gurley’s subpar Jeff Fisher seasons aside, the notion that this is basically the same roster as the last year is also not entirely true. The Rams let go of Kenny Britt and brought in Cooper Kupp and Sammy Watkins. Kupp is now their most productive receiver and Watkins has already scored 7 touchdowns. The Rams also let go of Lance Kendricks, William Hayes, and E.J. Gaines while bringing in former Bills standout corner Nickell Robey-Coleman, increasing Lamarcus Joyner’s role on the defense, and signing Connor Barwin.


By the way, Nickell Robey-Colemen is a 5 foot 8 inch motherfucker who just flies around the field and makes plays. Check out this pick 6 he scored against the Rams last season with the Bills:


The man starting high-stepping at the 15 yard line because he knew he easily had the speed to beat all of these slow-ass lineman and Case Keenum to the end zone.


The only thing Fisher was right about in his interview with The Midday 180 is that Rams new head coach Sean McVay is definitely an outstanding young coach. Not only that, but McVay is an offensive genius and has gotten more out of Jared Goff than I and many others ever thought possible.


Fisher’s full interview:

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