If in 2018 You are still Referring to LeBron as “LeChoke” or “LeBum” You are Brain Dead

By Chip Bayless



I’ll get right to the point: I don’t care which side you are on of the LeBron/Jordan debate, this isn’t about that. HOWEVER, this is about the fact that there are still somehow inexplicably thousands of people in 2018 who believe LeBron is either a choke artist or a bum apparently. All over Facebook and Twitter there are tweets and posts with #LeChoke, #LeBum, or both. Let’s address those claims.


First of all, the claim that LeBron is a choke artist is an absolute joke:

Yeah, he really choked that away there. Damn shame.

And if LeBron’s recent performances still haven’t swayed the choke narrative one way or the other, then I have no choice but to be a technical asshole and point out he has two more game-winners during his postseason career than Michael Jordan does.


Apparently someone who has two more game-winners than the player many consider the greatest player of all time can be labeled a choker.

Finally, if you still think LeBron is a “bum” in any sense of the word, you simply just do not watch basketball and are most likely a horrendous overall person.

LeBron is the NBA’s all-time leader in career playoff points, people constantly debate whether or not he is the greatest basketball player ever, he has donated over 40 million dollars, and did it all without a father in his life. I am genuinely confused how someone who many people argue is the greatest player ever who has won multiple championships can be called a bum.

Finally, if you still hate LeBron for some inexplicable reason (or consider him a “bum”), take a look in the damn mirror. LeBron has donated over 40 million dollars. 40 million is enough to save hundreds if not thousands of lives, and enough to change those lives forever in a positive way. If you have saved thousands of lives, then maybe you can hate on LeBron. Until then? Shut up


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  • October 16, 2018 at 8:38 am

    This is actually helpful, thanks.


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