So The Redskins Just Low Key Signed One of the Best Linebackers in Football

by Jeb Kush

The free agency frenzy has come and gone, along with its media coverage. Meanwhile, the Redskins just signed Zach Brown who happens to be young, talented, and in his prime. Brown is only 27 years old, and was second in the NFL in total tackles. He racked up 149 tackles and managed to start and play all 16 games showing his durability and consistency. Zach Brown can cover most tight ends in man, and can play any spot on the field in zone coverage. He can fly around the field and flat out make plays, as evidenced by his 4.40 forty yard dash time at the combine. This past season, I saw Brown chase down wide receivers, tackle Todd Gurley in the open field, and drag down Rob Gronkowski. Add in in the fact that he’s also a stellar run defender and the Redskins have one of the best if not the best middle linebacker combination of any team in the NFL with Brown and Mason Foster. But bear in mind, this is the Redskins, the same organization that gave this guy over 100 million dollars to lie down while Michael Vick runs around the field:

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