6 Potential New Coaches for the Philadelphia Eagles with Doug Pederson’s firing

I have 0 inside sources and this list is all speculation, but these are some guys I think are going to be considered. Considered for what? Well, considered as to who the hell will coach the Philadelphia Eagles next. Doug Pederson, the first coach to bring a Super Bowl to Philadelphia, has been canned.

Farewell Doug, you gave Philadelphia one of the greatest nights (and really weeks) in its history.

6 Potential Coaching Replacements

1) Joe Brady – Offensive Coordinator Carolina Panthers

What a crazy past couple of years it has been for Joe Brady as he now could potentially move from an LSU Assistant to a Carolina Panthers Offensive Coordinator to an NFL Head Coach in just two years.

2) Eric Bieniemy – Offensive Coordinator Kansas City Chiefs

(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

This seems like the guy everyone wants. It is a real headscratcher that he isn’t an NFL Head Coach yet given all of his success with the Chiefs. HOWEVER, those days will come to an end very soon.

3) Mike Kafka – Quarterbacks Coach Kansas City Chiefs

This is not me pulling a random name out of my ass. This is actually being reported.

Please god no!!!

4) Duce Staley – Eagles Running Back coach

Not just a Running Backs Coach, but also an Eagles legend. Duce!!!!!!

5) Robert Salah – 49ers Defensive Coordinator

This would be an awesome hire. Philadelphia would rally around this guy!

6) Brian Daboll – Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator

“I’m going to take your job motherfucker.”



Chip Kelly – UCLA Head Coach

Ok, this is me pulling names out of my ass.

Matt Campbell – Iowa State Head Coach

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This would be my dream candidate, but it seems unlikely. Even more unlikely that his star upperclassmen players like Mike Rose, Brock Purdy and Charlie Kolar (among several) all elected to come back and build off of Iowa States’ historic season last year. He also tweeted something pretty much confirming that he’s coming back, but college coaches change their mind all the time. Still very unlikely and I think a man of integrity and culture like Matt Campbell is staying in Ames, Iowa for at least another year. But I dare you to watch this speech and tell me you wouldn’t mind him coaching this football club:


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