The Sixers have traded for Tobias Harris in a trade involving 6 players and two first round picks

Just when I had given up hope for the night, Woj drops a tweet at 2:00 AM that makes me nearly shit my pants. Per Woj: “Sources: Clippers and Sixers have agreed to trade Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott for Landry Shamet, Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, 2020 first-rounder, 2021 unprotected 1st via Miami and two second rounders.” HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Now that is a lot to process at 2:00 AM, but one thing it definitely means is that the Sixers now have four top 30 NBA players. Elton Brand was heckled by a fan earlier in the night for not making moves, but I guess that guy has to eat his words pretty quickly. No matter what we gave up, I never could have fathomed acquiring Tobias Harris.

Now, I don’t know how this effects the long term. I’ll quickly take a look at what we’re giving up. The 2021 pick will occur at a time when High Schoolers are allowed to reenter the NBA draft, but then again we don’t know how good the Miami Heat will be in a few years time. Landry Shamet has also turned into a very good player and definitely was well worth the value pick of a late first rounder. If the early comparisons to JJ Redick turn out to be true, it won’t occur in a Sixers uniform. Wilson Chandler was a decent player for us, but him being in the starting lineup showed how much depth we lack. On a playoff team, Chandler should be no higher than the 7th man coming off the bench. A decent role player no doubt, but not a starter. Muscala fucking sucks, good ridance. And our 2020 first rounder? Well hopefully it will be the 30th pick in the draft…

As far as what we’re getting… Well I’m pretty happy with it. Tobias Harris has always been a very good player, but his career has skyrocketed this year for the Clippers. He is easily a top 30 NBA Player and should have easily been an All Star over Klay Thompson in the West if not for Adam Silver rigging the system against him (he’ll fit right in). Boban Marjanović is the backup big we’ve been waiting for. He is the most efficient player of All time, no questions asked. Mike Scott hasn’t played that many minutes for the Sixers this year, but he is a decent role player and I remember him fondly from his days with the Hawks.

It’s 2019 and still none of this shit could be possible without Sam Hinkie who was forced out in 2016. If not for trading MCW for a first round pick and then using that pick to draft Mikal Bridges and then trade that pick for Zhaire Smith and an unprotected Miami pick, none of this would be possible. Thank you Sam Hinkie and Tank General MCW. Hopefully we resign Tobias and Jimmy at the end of the year, which is what Woj’s tweet indicated but if not… FINALS OR BUST.

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