Updated NBA Power Rankings After the 76ers Win Last Night


by Pepe

1) Philadelphia 76ers

Yup, really no debate here. The Sixers are the best team in basketball. Ben Simmons has only played 7 games in the NBA and he has already surpassed LeBron, Wilt, Kareem, MJ, etc. Simmons is unguardable which is even more amazing when you consider the fact that he doesn’t really have an outside jump shot. Add that to his game and he can take on an entire NBA team by himself. Joel has also proven to be durable by sitting only one game this year and playing 25+ mins in each of the last four. Once Fultz gets back to health, the Sixers will be in a class all by themselves. As of right now, analysts are lying through their teeth to try and save face and act like they believed in Hinkie and the Sixers all along. Take Michael Wilbon for example. He tried to cover up what he said years ago (this):

and he tweeted this last night:

I’m not even sure if Wilbon even works at ESPN anymore, but this is probably why it’s tanking. Sorry Wilbon, no room on the bandwagon. Trust The Process

2) Houston Rockets

Gotta give them credit, they did beat the Sixers once. ESPN has them at number one on their power rankings, so with the Sixers beating them last night it is easy to see why they fell.

3) Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo might very well be the best non-Sixers in the league. The only downside on this young bucks team? The establishment’s Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon is still getting minutes.

4) Golden State Warriors

They alright

5) Memphis Grizzlies

This team is getting too much credit, 7 games into the season. Chandler Parsons is not a good enough player to carry his team all year and throughout the playoffs. And besides, Joel Embiid has a message for you:

6) Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have officially hit the panic button after losing to the Knicks by 19. They are lucky to even be on this list. LeBron James is having a midlife crisis as he is being surpassed by a more talented, younger, faster, and overall better looking man in the East by the name of Ben Simmons.

7) Boston Celtics

This team won’t cut it come April due to their lack of depth. With Gordon Hayward’s injury (RIP) there are too many holes in this offense that Kyrie Irving can’t plug. Their win over the Sixers very well may have been a fluke. They should have never let Kelly Olynyk go…

8) Minnesota Timberwolves

A poor man’s version of the 76ers, but a decent team nonetheless.

9) San Antonio Spurs


10) LA Clippers

Well, the Clippers round out the top ten after a promising start. They very may have one the Chris Paul trade. The Rockets, who got Chris Paul lost last night to the Sixers. Albeit, the best team in the NBA and Chris Paul didn’t play, so perhaps it means nothing. Not every game can be against Lonzo Ball and the Lakers though, so look for this team to cool off very quickly.

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