Trump has moment of weakness, goes after LaVar Ball instead of Sam Hinkie


by Pepe


Well, we all knew it was coming. After LaVar Ball dismissed Donald Trump when LiAngelo was set free from Chinese authorities, Trump took to twitter. Approximately one hour ago the President tweeted this:

Yes, the feud nobody wanted is finally here. At face value this just may end up being innocuous publicity for both of them, but we may have to look into it more from the Trump’s perspective. Is this perhaps a distraction? Could Trump actually be trying to distract us from the fact that he is running scared from another prominent basketball figure??? This wouldn’t be the first time…

Yes, all the pieces line up. For whatever reason the president, who commands the strongest military on earth, is afraid to take shots at Sam Hinkie. LAVar is the easy target. His middle son just got arrested, his youngest son isn’t NCAA eligible and his oldest son has a broke jumper. But what does he think Sam is capable of?

Perhaps Trump thinks that Sam will try and replicate the Sixers rebuilding strategy of turning basically nothing into something great, but on a different scale. What I mean is that Trump actually may think that Sam Hinkie is capable of starting his own militia (with actual tanks this time) and overthrowing the US Government. It’s far fetched I know, but if the President is thinking it, there has to be some validity to it. And hell, I’d be cared to call out Sam Hinkie too. No type of weapon, whether it be a machine gun or nuclear bombs can really hurt him. He is a powerful man who can not and will not be silenced. Trump not calling him out simply means that he is fearful of what the results could be. If I were him, I would take several precautions to prevent any type of Hinkie-led resolution. Yes folks, it’s 2017 and our president is kept up at night by Sam Hinkie…

We here at Vote The Process support a Sam Hinkie presidential run in 2020, regardless of what platform he runs on.

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