Top 5 Games of the 2016-2017 Philadelphia 76ers Season

by Pepe

Now that the NBA season is over, let’s take a look back at the one story line that single-highhandedly took over the sporting world. That is, of course, how dominant the 76ers this past season, mostly in the month of January. Here are my top 5 games of the historic 2016-2017 76ers season.

5) November 11th: 76ers beat Pacers 109-105 (OVERTIME)

This game was vintage 76ers. Blow a lead when it looked damn near impossible to do so and snap a 44 game losing streak.

4) October 26th: Thunder defeat Sixers 103-97

There was not a game I wish I went to more this season than this one. The crowd was electric, some fat dude flipped off Russell Westbrook and, despite the loss, Joel Embiid proved to the national audience that he was legit.

3) January 27th: Rockets defeat 76ers 123-118

The unthinkable happened a mere 9 days before this game tipped off. The 76ers game would be MOVED to national television. Embiid was draining threes and opened the scoring by posterizing Nene, who desperately wanted to quit right there. Depsite the loss, The Process shined on the national spotlight on a crisp Friday night and it was a beautiful thing.

2) January 11th: 76ers defeat Knicks 98-97

Everyone remembers where they were when TJ McConnell hit this beautiful game winner. A game winner that could maybe only be rivaled by Michael Jordan’s shot in Game 6. The win was sweet, but perhaps the best result was the probability of Kristaps Porzingis spending the rest of his night weeping over the fact that he didn’t trust the process for the entirety of the 2015 NBA Draft.

1) January 18th: 76ers defeat Raptors 94-89

I legitimately thought that the 76ers would make the playoffs after this win. After this game, I started saving up in preparation to go to Game 3 of the first round of playoffs at home in Philadelphia. The fans energy at the Wells Fargo Center was insane, every player stepped up, Lowry and Defrozen looked shook, and, for me, the highlight of the season can be found below:

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