Top 5 Dario Saric Moments from his time in Philly

5. Winning Rookie of the Year


Yup, this happened. No question about it.

4. Finally Coming Over

Dario Saric was sort of folklore in Philadelphia. When he was drafted by the Magic in 2014 and then traded to the Sixers, it was well known that he was going to play the 2014-2015 season overseas. However, some people (like Howard Eskin) genuinely thought that Dario Saric would never come to Philadelphia due to how badly the team was playing. Well he said it would be two years and it was exactly that. He debuted the same year as Joel Embiid, in the 2016-2017 NBA Season, and the fans love the style of play he brought to the team.

3) TJ Mcconell/Dario Spat and Make Up

This one of the great sub-plots in the eras of the tank. Dario Saric, after a win on the road, is being interviewed by Molly Sullivan. T.J. Mcconnell sneaks up behind him and pours water on him, something Dario does not like. He says “Fuck you” which was clearly heard to anyone watching at home, as Molly Sullivan tries to play it off and tells the audience that they are actually good pals. It certainly didn’t seem that way as Dario really looked pissed off. Then, less than 24 hours later, Dario posted this picture on Instagram: 











The caption read: “This pic is evidence of true friendship and that my reaction was in the heat of the moment. I want to apologize to all my fans and (@TJ) of course. Once again I feel so sorry. #TrustTheFriendship.” That is beautiful

2. Dario’s double block against the Raptors

Ah, I remember this game like it was yesterday. Perhaps our best win in that January 2017 stretch. When all hope was lost, Dario Saric saved the day:

What made this play even better was that Dario was finally hitting his stride around this time and was getting better and better by game.

  1. Dario Saric may have committed a murder
    It had to be this right? It was just too smooth. Dario Saric singlehandley embarasses Jerebko and the entire nation of Sweden with a step back jumper. Take a look:

Farewell to the homie. Not included are all the hustle plays he made here, and will continue to make in Minnesota. Also not included are his celebrations, by far the most entertaining in the NBA. Goodnight Sweet Prince

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