The NBA Rookie Ladder Heading Into November

by Pepe

  1. Ben Simmons: To the surprise of very few people who have been following closely, Ben Simmons is playing incredible this year. The Sixers have only played 8 games this year and Simmons is arguably better than LeBron. He is averaging close to a triple double with 18.5 PPG, 7.9 APG and 9.6 RPG. He is far and away the best Rookie in this class as he has exhibited really no rust as a Rookie who also hasn’t played competitive basketball in a year. He was ready to go from the jump. Simmons should finish the first half of this year as an All Star because he deserves it. Now, please enjoy me dubbing the Titanic Music over his dunk the other night.

2. Ben Simmons: This dominant young rookie is turning heads so far, only 8 games into the NBA season. His stat lines have already been compared to LeBron James and Russell Westbrook even if LBJ and Russ aren’t worthy of the comparison. With Embiid by his side, look for Simmons to carry this young Philadelphia team into the Playoffs for the first time since 2011-2012 when Spencer Hawes did it.

3. Ben Simmons: What is astonishing about this young rookie is how complete his game is. Despite not having the best free throw percentage or the best looking jumper, Simmons makes up for it on the glass, in the paint and dishing out dimes comparable to maybe only Magic Johnson. He’s better than Magic though.

4. Ben Simmons: Despite averaging nearly a triple double, Simmons is still a very humble man. He said the other day that he thought he would be playing better. He also said he needs to “pick it up.” There is no sense of complacency with this young man as he strives to get better each day. Look for big things from him out of Philadelphia.

5. Ben Simmons: Rounding out the list 6′ 10″ point guard out of Australia. You see he plays Point Guard, but he rebounds like a big man, averaging nearly 10 per game. He demands respect every time he touches the basketball as teams still don’t know (and never will) what he is capable of. He is a specimen of the game and will likely destroy the Pacers tonight at the Wells Fargo Center.

Other Rookies turning heads:

Ben Simmons: Simmons has been balling since opening night against the Wizards. Somewhere, Sam Hinkie is smiling down on this team and especially Simmons as he is the golden child of the process.

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