The Five Most Cringeworthy tweets from Bryan Colangelo’s Burner Accounts

by Pepe

What a strange past few hours it has been. Not surprising, because everyone knew that Colangelo is a snake who would go behind the organization’s back and risk the well being of the Sixers to stroke his own ego, but definitely strange. If you haven’t heard by now, Bryan Colangelo, the current President of the Sixers, has at least 5 different burner accounts that have been used on twitter to criticize the organization, Sam Hinkie as well as leak very sensitive information. You can read the full story here. It seems more than likely that he will be fired. What will the Sixers ever do without Bryan? Can we go on without the man who brought in superstar Jerryd Bayless? Before that ever happens, and I hope it does, let’s take a look back at some of the most cringeworthy tweets he sent out that he thought would never get back to him. Bryan has learned a cruel lesson today. The things you post on the internet live on…

  1. Bryan ask a former colleague a question













Haha what a fucking loser

2. BC did nothing wrong


















3. Implying that Sam Hinkie ever made a mistake














4. Not only believing in Jesus, but rejecting Hinkie as a savior










5. Referring to yourself as a class act in the third person

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