Some of the most horrendous Sixers takes of the last five years

Yesterday on Twitter, I posted former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell’s take on the 2014 NBA Draft. Not photoshopped, he said this:

Ooooof. There have been a long line of people that have whiffed on the Sixers the last few years and here are some of my favorites off the top of my head.

Colin Cowherd










Ahh Colin Cowherd… In an effort not to link to any Colin Cowherd related content and give him any more exposure, I’ll paraphrase what he said about Joel Embiid. Basically he said people not comparing Joel Embiid to draft bust Greg Oden (after his 2017 injury) was due to political correctness. He’s an MVP Candidate now silly!

Howard Eskin, an enemy of The Process.











Howard Eskin has been an outspoken critic of Sam Hinkie for the last few years even linking his decisions to trade overvalued players for future draft picks to a “ponzi scheme.” He especially couldn’t wrap his head around Dario Saric and when he would actually come over. He made it out to be an impossible puzzle to solve, when it was actually simple English. On his radio show he regularly made comments being skeptical about if Dario would in fact leave Europe to play for the Sixers. He even said once “…and he may never come over!!” Dario said he would be over in two years and he was over in two years.

Michael Wilbon







I like Michael Wilbon too, but this is just a horrendous mistake. I didn’t even know who Brice Johnson was when I went back and read this tweet. He isn’t even in the league anymore. Wilbon has tried to clarify since this tweet has gained traction on Twitter, but he said what he said.

Ric Bucher







Yes, he is ready to trust the Knicks process. A process of draft piling draft busts like Trey Burke, Emmanuel Mudiay, and Hezonja while the best thing to happen to that franchise in the last ten years, Kristaps Porzingis, rots on the bench with an injury. Poor Kristaps, but the situation could have been easily avoided if not for his agent’s arrogance…

Elliot Shorr-Parks







Well, at least this is better than Wilbon’s tweet. Vonleh is still in the league and is actually putting up decent numbers for the struggling Knicks. But, as far as being a favorite for MVP and the best defensive player in the league, just no.

For more embarassing takes, here is an entire compilation that I complied in 2017. Enjoy:

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