Realistic Expectations for the Sixers 2017-2018 Season

by Pepe

We’re winning it all. The whole damn thing. Gordon Hayward’s injury last night (may he make a swift recovery) pretty much paved the way for the Sixers in the East. Last night’s game proved that D Rose + Dwayne Wade < Kyrie. We’ll also find out once he’s back from injury if the addition of Isaiah Thomas makes the Cavs a better or worse team. LeBron is the best non-Sixer in the league, but they man can’t do it alone. The Cavs just looked sluggish last night. Sure they may have won the game, but they were exposed on national television. In addition, a so-called “Super Team” in the West known as the Warriors lost to the Rockets. The Rockets.

Are the 76ers the only true super-team left? My numbers indicate so. Hinkie’s vision has resulted in the only stable superteam in the NBA left. Despite that, a lot of experts are actually doubting what the Sixers can do this year. Most of them, clueless about the reality of the real world, have the Sixers fighting for an 8th seed against the Pistons. Yes, a lot of their success will hinder on how well Joel Embiid does, but the Sixers are more than just JoJo. Ben Simmons will debut tonight against the Wizards and finally prove how great of a player he is. He will win Rookie of the Year with ease, while Lonzo struggles in his transition to the league. Dario Saric has also flown relatively under the radar after an exceptional Rookie season in which he deserved to win Rookie of the Year. The man found a way to win when the Sixers team was basically stripped of any talent after Embiid went down. He gets better by the day as he continues to adapt to life in the NBA. Fultz has struggled in his first few preseason games, but he will recover and prove himself down the road. In addition, acquiring JJ Redick means that we now have the two best 3-pt shooters in the league between him and RoCo. Finally, the bench is a lot deeper than it has been in previous years. Saric, TJ, Sauce, Amir Johnson, a healthy Jerryd Bayless, Eric Snow, Justin Anderson, Elton Brand, TLC, Don Cheadle… Need I say more?

Realistically the Sixers get more than 45 wins, fininish above 500 with relative ease and finish a top 6 seed in the East. How many All-Stars? Well if Embiid stays healthy than two. Here are my predictions for the season:

MVP: Joel Embiid

DPOY: Joel Embiid

ROY: Joel Embiid

6MOY: Dario Saric

Coach of the Year: Brett Brown

Comeback Player of the Year: Embiid probably

Make sure you check out the Sixers tonight at 7. The first of many games this year that are actually on national television.

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