Predicting the 2019 Eastern and Western Conference All Star Reserves

Tonight the starters for the East and West were revealed. It was pretty straightforward. The starters in the East are Kyrie Irving, Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kemba Walker. In the East it was LeBron, Steph, Harden, KD and Paul George. Now, on to the reserves.

I mean, do I even need to explain half of this shit? Break down All Stars for the West and then the East and you will realize how much better the West is. Out of respect to you and your precious time, I will only explain the ones in my All Star lineup that aren’t obvious.

East – I already wrote a whole article on this, so you can click here to read my analysis because I don’t want to self-plagiarize. I will say that I have recently come to terms with the fact that Jimmy Butler might not be an All Star. He definitely should be, but missing games and declining numbers as of late may not play in his favor. Also shootout to the Brooklyn Nets who keep winning. I believe that Adam Silver will appoint D’Angelo Russell as Oladipo’s replacement. Here are my reserves:

Guard – Victor Oladipo

Guard – Kyle Lowry

Forward/Center – Nikola Vucevic

Forward – Blake Griffin

Forward – Jimmy Butler

Guard – Ben Simmons

Guard – Bradley Beal

1st Alternate – D’Angelo Russell (will be an All Star)

2nd Alternate – Andre Drummond

3rd Alternate – Pascal Siakam

4th Alternate – Khris Middleton


Forward/Center – Anthony Davis

Again, do I have to explain this? The only reason he lost the vote to Paul George was due to lingering injuries this year.

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Forward/Center – Nikola Jokic

Same as Davis, but a little less and not about the injured part.

Forward – Tobias Harris

Despite cooling off from a red-hot start, the Clippers deserve to have one guy go. Between Tobias and Danilo Gallinari, it’s should be Tobias. Easily climbing into the ranks of a top 30 player this year, Harris is averaging 21 points and 8 rebounds per game.

Guard – Russell Westbrook

Despite some shooting statistics that will make you scratch your head, Russ is an All Star.

Guard- Damian Lillard

That’s fringe-MVP Candidate Damian Lillard to you.

11th Man – Demar Derozan

Gotta give the Spurs credit. They looked like they would be a lottery team just a short while ago, but have since risen to 6th in the West. I hate to say it, but out of Alridge and Derozan, especially with how deep the West is, only one Spurs player will be an All Star this year (probably) and it is Derozan.

12th Man – Karl Anthony Towns

This is one of those where nobody actually watches KAT or the Timberwolves play, but his numbers are very good, so he’ll be an All Star. Again this prediction is based solely on numbers and certainly not when Embiid and the Sixers outscored them by 42 because that is the only time I saw KAT play this year.

1st Alternate – Rudy Gobert

Gobert is my first off the Western Conference roster this year. If defense was actually valued and considered in the voting process, he’d be a starter, but it isn’t and because of that he’ll miss the cut again this year.

2nd Alternate -Klay Thompson

Who the hell am I kidding? Not only will Klay be an All Star but Draymond Green will somehow be one as well.

3rd Alternate – LaMarcus Aldridge

If this were the East, LaMarcus would have more of a case than Vuc or Blake Griffin or even Jimmy Butler to be an All Star. But only one Spur can go in the West…

4th Alternate – Mike Conley

This one stings… Conley is going to be left off the All Star team again. Closer to the beginning of the year, this looked like it would finally be the year that Mr. Conley makes an All Star team, but as of right now I just don’t see who you can take out of my current roster and justifiably replace with Conley. Let’s hope he gates traded to an Eastern Conference team before the reserves are announced, so he can finally make his All Star Game debut.

I would like to give a shoutout to…

Jrue Holliday

One of the most underrated players in the league. Honestly should be the 4th alternate rather than Conley, but I didn’t want to snub Conley from the snubbed list. He’s earned that much.

De’Aaron Fox

Fox is having a very solid year and has surprised a lot of people. But again, it’s the Western Conference…

Luka Doncic

Won the fan vote, but won’t be an All Star this year. He’ll have plenty more seasons to claim that honor. Shoutout to Slovenia for turning out though.

Clint Capella

Missing 4-6 weeks in the run-up to All Star voting just won’t get the job done for Capella despite having incredible numbers.






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