One year on, Sam Hinkie still has the most dominant presence at the Draft Lottery

by Pepe

Long Live Sam Hinkie. It has been about one year (404 days to be exact), since Sam Hinkie’s resignation and he still somehow managed to have the most dominant presence at a draft lottery he didn’t attend. Despite everything Colagnelo may have done this year to put the 76ers in a worse-off position, Sam Hinkie still has the 76ers on course to be a great team down the road.

It didn’t entirely go our way tonight, but the picks swapped. Without Sam Hinkie, the 76ers wouldn’t have traded the likes of Luka Mitrovic and Arturas Gudaitis (whoever these people may be) for Nik “Sauce Castillo” Stauskas, Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, a 2018 1st round pick (top-10 protected), the right to swap 1st round picks with the Kings in 2016, and, of course, the right to swap 1st round picks with the Kings in 2017. Sam Hinkie bamboozled Vlade Divac and company. Straight bamboozled him, and his reward was a swift kick in the groin by Colagnelo, Silver and co.

Although we didn’t get two top-five picks tonight, we still can’t underestimate the value of Sam Hinkie as well as how well we did at this lottery. The picks swapped which is really all we could ask for. We have plenty to look forward too. In the third spot, assuming no trades are made, the 76ers will likely draft either De’Aaron Fox out Kentucky or Josh Jackson out of Kansas. Either of these players would be valuable additions to a Sixers team that makes the playoffs next year. You read that right. Next year, the Lakers pick is unprotected, which means that we will be rooting for them to lose all year long, night in and night out. They will likely draft Lonzo Ball and could go after big name free agents like Paul George to compliment their current dumpster fire of a team. Keep in mind that Hinkie gave up Michael Carter Williams for that first round pick. But, Hinkie didn’t stop there. The King’s pick is unprotected in 2019…In addition, we also have our first round picks in tact for the next two years! Sam Hinkie is the gift that keeps on giving. Keep on smiling Sixers fans, there is plenty to look forward to! Now say your three hail marys to Sam Hinkie and get some sleep.



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