NBA Eastern Conference Predictions (Regular Season)


By Pepe




here is how we see the top 8 seeds shaking up in the East:

1. Celtics

Boston is obviously in a very good place right now with Irving and Hayward coming back from injury. Both will be eased back into their regular workloads as they readjust their bodies to 48 minute games. The x-factor for this team will be how much their young guns of Tatum, Rozier Brown can improve off of last year. Horford again flys in under the radar as an essential part of this team.

2. Sixers

Ah yes, your Philadelphia 76ers. If Joel Embiid can stay healthy expect him to compete for an MVP award this season. This team is generally expected to be a top three team in the East, but if Markelle Fultz can live up to the hype and Ben Simmons can develop a consistent outside jumper, this team will blow everyone away. Some players to keep tabs on include Furkan Korkmaz and Landry Shamet who both surprised in games over the summer and in preseason. Zhaire Smith is another one to monitor due to breaking his foot over the summer. Will he come back late in the season and contribute to the Sixers or will he start his legacy on the distinguished and tradition-heavy path of the Sixers Rookie Redshirt Program?

3. Raptors

Everyone in Toronto took a big sigh of relief when LeBron signed in Los Angeles this summer. Can Kawhi carry the Raptors out of their continual playoff woes? Probably not. With Leonard the team upgraded from Derozan, but they are still several pieces away from making a run to the finals. How well Lowry and Leonard mesh will define this team.

4. Pacers

Arguably the biggest surprise out of the East last year was this Pacers team. Oladipo, the Most Improved Player from last year, is a superstar in this league. That is a statement nobody thought could be said coming into last year. However, due to a lack of depth and not having the best off-season in terms of signings leads me to believe that at best this team is above average in the East.

5. Wizards

This is definitely the most overlooked team in the East right now.  Just ask Austin Rivers: “And nobody seems to talk about the Pacers because everybody’s so f—ing gassed up on the Celtics and the Sixers. And rightfully so: they’re both talented teams. But Indiana is just as good as both those teams. And I think we’re in the same situation” – Austin Rivers.They do still have Bradley Beal and John Wall. However, I wasn’t blown away by their offseason moves which included acquiring Dwight Howard and the previously mentioned Austin Rivers.

6. Bucks

Giannis is a great player, but unfortunately for him Malcolm Brogdon is still on the team.

7. Heat

Whiteside sucks!

8. Pistons

The Pistons upgraded big in the offseason by firing blowhard Van Gundy and hiring reigning Coach of the Year Dwayne Casey. Drummond and Blake will be the leaders of this team, but beyond that there is a huge dropoff. The Pistons lack depth and will be fending off other teams like the Hornets and whoever else comes out of this very weak East for the last spot. Ish Smith still has a special place in my heart though!

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