2019 NBA Eastern Conference All Star Predictions

Before we start,with the predictions, I would just to have a moment of silence for two Philadelphia legends that have helped our teams greatly after they have left. Thank you to Cody Parkey and tank you to General Michael Carter Williams.

Eastern Starters

Guard – Kyrie Irving

A pretty obvious selection here. His popularity helps him here as had one of the highest vote totals after the first round of voting, but his numbers back him up. He deserves to be a starter in the East and the fan voting and eventually player and coaching voting will reflect that. Easy choice.

Guard – Kemba Walker

This one was a tough choice. It obviously came down to Kemba and Oladipo, but I had to examine it closer to see who would get it. First off, Kemba is the more popular player, especially this year. In fan voting, Kemba received 100,000+ votes more than Oladipo did, not to mention all the hype surrounding him this year. In the first few weeks of the season, many had him as an MVP candidate. In addition, it has become a growing narrative that Kemba really has no help out in Charlotte, which is 100% accurate. He is a one man show for them which is not usually the case for Oladipo and the third place Pacers. That mixed in with the fact that Kemba has a higher PPG, FG%, 3pt% and Assits Per Game is why I think the voting will end up with Kemba as a starter. To all the Heat fans that have been voting for Dwayne Wade that may have expected him to be on this list, I apologize. He won’t be on this list.

Forward – Giannis Antetokounmpo

Ah yes, the Greek freak who many regard as the current favorite to win MVP as of right now. An obvious selection backed by the fact that he carries his team which consists of former janitor Malcolm Brogdon. Giannis is currently the leading vote getter in the East.

Center – Joel Embiid

Do I even need to explain this one?

Forward – Kawhi Leonard

Yes, rounding out the obvious frontcourt selection is Kawhi Leonard who many predict can finally get the Raptors over the hump in the East. Kawhi has played great for the Raptors and it is no surprise that he is on the list. The leading vote getter gets to pick their team among all the All Stars selected, and if it turns out to not be Embiid, I hope it is Kawhi. I would pay good money to watch him awkwardly stumble through calling out the names of 11 others he wants on his team.


Guard – Victor Oladipo

Just missing the starter spot will be Victor Oladpio who will be making his second All Star Game appearance since he came out of nowhere last year after being sent to the Pacers from Oklahoma City.

Guard – Kyle Lowry

Villanova’s best NBA player ever will be making his 5th straight All Star appearance this year. Unfortunately for Raptors fans, I think they only have two All Stars this year and Lowry rounds out that list, nearly averaging a double double every game.

Forward/Center – Nikola Vucevic

In a perfect world, Nikola Vucevic is an All Star this year, and he deserves to be one. Averaging more than 20 points per game and snagging 12 rebounds as well as shooting 52% from the field and nearly 40% from three are All Star numbers. However, being on a below-average Magic team really doesn’t help his case. He should be an All Star just on his play alone, but players like this get snubbed all the time. If it was up to me, he’s in.

Forward – Blake Griffin

Sixers killer Blake Griffin, who torched Dario Saric earlier in the year for 50 points deserves a spot on the All Star team this year. Putting up 25 PPG and averaging about 8.3 rebounds are All Star numbers. Blake is currently one of two brighspots for an average Pistons team and unfortunately for the other bright-spot, Andre Drummond, Blake will be the only All Star from the Pistons this year.

Forward – Jimmy Butler

If you can be an All Star in the West, you certainly can be one in the East. Butler, who was an All Star last year for the Timberwolves, joined the Sixers in November. He has had some great performances and some not so great ones, but he has performed well enough to be an All Star in the East. If he were still in the West, he probably wouldn’t be so lucky.

Guard – Ben Simmons

The kiss of death. Me finally concluding that Ben Simmons will be an All Star this year will ultimately mean that he won’t be one. Lest we forget the propaganda campaign led by Adam Silver that not only kept Ben Simmons out of the All Star game as a reserve, but as a replacement as well. Goran Dragic was picked over him! Dragic currently hasn’t played a game in over a month. Ben Simmons can do everything (except shoot) as he is relatively close to averaging a triple double this year. His play over the past month just gets him in as an All Star. Even though the Sixers are only 4th in the West, they should have 3 All Stars because their lack of depth has been on full display since the Butler trade and the value of Embiid, Simmons and Butler has only been amplified. Ben Simmons is an All Star or we riot.

Guard – Bradley Beal

Bucks fans forgive me, but the last All Star spot goes to Bradley Beal. He has carried this dogshit team this far for the whole season and even more after John Wall went down. He is currently averaging 24.2 PPG but in his last five games he is averaging 28.8, with the last one being carrying a team of no names over the Sixers while dropping 34 and torching T. J. McConnell. Beals an All Star. Will he be a Wizard for much longer…? We’ll see…


Honorable Mentions

Center – Andre Drummond

Despite averaging a healthy double double, Drummond is the first player left off the All Star team. I just don’t see an average Pistons team producing more than two All Stars, and unfortunately for Drummond I think the voting will go in Blake’s favor. Drummond was seen to be the future as a Center, and he still is a good player, but the rise of Joel Embiid in the East has slowed down his hype. The only way Drummond makes the team is as an alternate, which is likely.

Forward – Pascal Siakam

Easily the most improved player in the East, Siakam is the second player left off this All Star squad. However, if he it up he will be an All Star for years to come. One of the most underrated players in the league. Fuck you Bryan Colangelo for selecting Furkan Korkmaz and TLC over him.

Forward – Khris Middleton

Another player who has surprised many this year is Middleton, as he just misses the mark. Middleton has played well, but his numbers just aren’t good enough to be considered an All Star. Giannis being seen as a superstar and mythical figure also doesn’t help his case as Middleton’s efforts are often forgotten and the fan voting and soon to be player and coaches voting will reflect that.

Guard – Zach Lavine

In a perfect world, Lavine might’ve been an All Star this year, but unfortunately the world is far from perfect. A lot of the hype for Lavine has died down as him averaging close to 30 PPG in the beginning of the year has fallen down to 23.5. The Bulls being absolute garbage this year and tanking already being under way in Chicago doesn’t help his case either. I just don’t see a player on this list you can put Lavine in over.

Guard – Eric Bledsoe

What I said about Middleton, but less.

Guard – Josh Richardson

Richardson has been putting up good numbers this year, but it isn’t enough to be an All Star. But, hey crazier things have happened. We all know Silver likes to appoint undeserving Heat players to All Star positions.

Guard – Dwyane Wade

No shit Dwade doesn’t deserve to be an All Star, but he is worth mentioning since he is one of the top two vote getters among guards in the East. Now, if the league wanted to do something where an older player in their last year (like Dwade) was appointed as an All Star as a 13th man of sorts, I would be all for that. He could be it in the East and Dirk could be it in the West. Baseball does it all the time and great moments have come from it. Cal Ripken hit a homer in the 2001 All Star Game and the place exploded.

Forward – Domantas Sabonis

I know some asshole is gonna say “BUT WHAT ABOUT SABONIS!!!”, so here he is. Sabonis. Not an All Star. Fuck you Henry.

Guard – John Wall

Before he had to undergo surgery, John Wall was playing at a borderline-All Star level. Before the injury I thought only one Wizard would be chosen for All Star with it likely being Bradley Beal over Wall. Now it is obviously Beal as Wall definitely won’t become an All Star due to injury.

Someone on the Brooklyn Nets

Shoutout to the Brooklyn Nets team 6th place in the East. None of them deserve to be All Stars but I would be amiss for not considering them, so shoutout to Spencer Dinwiddie, D-Lo and Kurucs. It is also worth noting that before that nasty injury, Caris Lever was playing at an All Star level.

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