Markelle Fultz wants out of Philly according to the Athletic, but not according to Woj

A report by The Athletic released shortly before tipoff on Wednesday, revealed some very sad news. Markelle Fultz, the first overall pick in 2017, wants out of Philadelphia. He joins Furkan Korkmaz as another player who joined the Sixers in 2017 who now wants to leave. This news comes shortly after it was reported that Fultz would be seeing a shoulder specialist to analyze a shoulder that has been nagging him for, potentially, over a year.

For any diehard Sixers fan in Fultz’s corner this obviously comes as sad news. Philadelphia has been as supportive as you can to a player that was drafted first overall and traded for two picks. It is not guaranteed that when Fultz comes back from injury, the fans will continue to embrace him. This might be a brutal heel turn for a player who was once a babyface.

I also bought a Fultz jersey in the past month for $70. Do I feel like a dumbass right now? Of course I do.

Fultz wanting a fresh start fully makes sense from his perspective despite the love and support of the city and his teammates and coaches. Jimmy Butler on the team only means that Fultz will get less and less minute. Let’s also face the fact that at this point in their careers, TJ McConnell is the more efficient player. That is just reality. Playing off-ball with Simmons at the 1 is also a scenario which helps nobody as Fultz has been a much better player bringing up the ball this year?

As far as where Fultz is headed, nobody really knows. Being that he is the number one overall pick who got paid a boatload, it does not make sense for the Sixers to just cut him. His stock right now is at an all time low. The only teams that will want him will have to be willing to take a chance on him being that they will have to eat up his contract in a trade. It’s also worth noting that Brett Brown, Elton Brand and what seems like every single Sixers player seems to love this kid. The organization has invested a lot in him, so it is not a guarantee they just let him go. If this is truly the last we have seen of Markelle Fultz, I am beyond sad that he never reached his potential in a Sixers uniform. No matter where he ends, I will always root for the kid to do well. He is still only 20.


Woj just tweeted that Fultz’s attorney Raymond Brothers told him “I have given no indication to Elton Brand or anyone else that Markelle would prefer to be traded. My focus is to get Markelle healthy. End of story.” Ah yes, the classic let’s make everything involving Markelle Fultz as confusing as possible. I don’t know what to think regarding Fultz’s future anymore. Shame on me if I ever thought I did.

Well, if you want to see how this saga ended up here, watch this 13 minute video I composed about to weeks ago. Granted, a lot has changed in the past few weeks, but this should do a decent job of catching you up:

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