Markelle Fultz ruled out indefinitely with Throracic Outlet Syndrome


Well, we are one step closer to solving the Markelle Fultz mystery of why he has yet to play up to his potential. Long suspected as simply being “the yips”, it now is medical fact that there is something seriously wrong with Fultz’s shoulder. According to his agent Raymond Brothers, Fultz saw several specialists since being ruled out and has been diagnosed with “Throracic Outlet Syndrome.” This affects nerves between the neck and the shoulder and affects basic movements, especially shooting a basketball.

All hope is not lost on young Markelle, as this injury can be treated with physical therapy. Woj tweeted this out after his initial report:

This should be relieving news to a lot of Sixers fans. There still may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Several questions till have been left unanswered though. These mainly include what actually happened in the first place to cause this and how did this go untreated for so long. Also, is Bryan Colangelo an NBA-plant installed by Silver to try and bring down the Sixers? We still don’t have these answers and honestly we may never get them. At least for now though, we have a diagnosis.

So here’s what I think happens. Fultz rehabs, returns in February, plays to his potential, Sixers wins a title, Silver is boo’d out of the building at the trophy ceremony.

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