Lonzo Ball’s horrendous performance tops off an embarrassing week for the Ball family

by Pepe

Well, we really thought it couldn’t get worse for the Ball family. Last week, LiAngelo and two other teammates were caught and arrested for shoplifting in China. This entire debacle created an international incident in which World War 3 seemed imminent. The President of the United States even had to intervene, asking Chinese President Xi Jinping to release these three young men immediately. Does that make President Trump a big baller? You decide…

It is also worth noting that the entire debacle was probably an inside job planned by LaVar himself. He, most likely, told LiAngelo to steal in hopes that he would get caught, get in serious trouble (perhaps be put in a labor camp), and then shoe sales would explode! Like Skip Bayless said, Kobe’s rape trial gave him a little bit of “Sizzle” to sell his sneakers. Imagine causing a Nuclear Holocaust. Shoe sales would boom!

Anyway, those three are suspended indefinitely and it is unclear when they will return to the UCLA basketball team. Their actions are inexcusable and not only embarrassed themselves, their team, their families, their schools and their future kids, but it also embarrassed the United States of America! Thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Ball family? Wrong again! Lonzo had other ideas last night when he took on the Sixers.

Folks, before we get started on a garbage performance from Lonzo, let’s keep in mind that ESPN and other pundits across the nation once led two very lively discussions. That is, whether Brandon Ingram was better than Ben Simmons and then, at the beginning of this year, whether Lonzo Ball was better than Ben Simmons. That’s just too embarrassing to address. To expose people who actually thought those were two reasonable discussions at any point in time would be to ruin lives.

This was a big game and opportunity for Lonzo. He had the chance to prove that he belongs in the conversation with the young stars of today like Embiid and Simmons. Instead he only played 21 minutes, shot 1-9 from the field, scored 44 less points than Joel Embiid and missed back-to-back open threes. The performance was just horrendous and his shot genuinely looked hideous. It just isn’t a shot that looks like it can hang in the NBA. In addition, Lonzo isn’t even the best Rookie on his team. Kyle Kuzma out of Utah has really come out of nowhere this year and even made me worried a few times last night as a Sixers fan as he went for 24 points. If I was Lavar right now, I’d look into potentially disowning Lonzo and try to adopt Kuzma full time.

Well, LiAngelo can breathe easy now. Sure he isn’t officially on a team as of now, was close to being sentenced to hard labor in China and had to publicly apologize in front of the entire country, but Lonzo’s performance last night left a stain on the Ball name that will never come off! Trust The Process

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