Kevin Durant’s Twitter: The NBA Conspiracy of the Decade

by Pepe

Folks, what is the one thing that a man who has a regular season MVP, a finals MVP, an NBA Championship and hundreds of millions of dollars concerned with the most right now? People being nice to him on twitter…

Kevin Durant has tried to put on a front that he doesn’t care what NBA fans think. He has tried to act as if people calling him a “snake” for leaving a finals contender and going to the best team in the NBA doesn’t bother him. Things between him and Russ were “good” apparently when the faced off last year when in reality Westbrook hadn’t talked to him since the move. Some fell for it, but others who have a basic grasp on basketball or human behavior didn’t. Now we have the smoking gun that gives a look inside the mind of Kevin Durant and it is shocking. These findings may alarm you and under no circumstances should be read in the proximity of young children who have aspirations.

Twitter user @harrisonmc15 broke this story late last night after Kevin Durant made a colossal blunder. He tweeted out the following two tweets:

Now I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but there’s no way to look at this other than that Kevin Durant forgot to log out of his main account and posted this for his 16 millions of followers to see. Either he usually refers to himself in the third person, our evidence indicates that isn’t true, or he has secret accounts where he rushes to defend himself from cyberbullies anonymously. How many side accounts does Kevin Durant have? Tough to say. It has been a long off-season, but I’d bet somewhere in the 300 area. I’ve probably had numerous run-ins with Kevin Durant on twitter without even knowing it. Is the Skankhunt69 character in South Park loosely based on the secret life of Kevin Durant?? Only time will tell I’m afraid.

I am calling on the NBA Leaue Office and Adam Silver to run a fully funded investigation into Kevin Durant’s twitter misuse and IF the league finds anything, there should be severe ramifications. Adam Silver wants to run an open and honest NBA, yet  the evidence shows that one of their star players might be one of the leading propagandists in the world. Kevin Durant boycotted Trump’s White House visit after winning the Championship, yet  this cowardly act means that, in his mind, he is no better than Trump in terms of fake news. Could you imagine if Sam Hinkie was Durant’s GM while this story broke. Heads would roll!

This is in no way news, but you can bet that the mainstream media would out of fear of backlash by the NBA. The Warriors not only control the league office, but they control the media. So, you the viewer has to resort to reading about stories like these on sketchy sites like this one. The good news is that the Sixers season starts in 30 days which means more and more coverage will be on the surging Sixers and less and less time on Kevin Durant’s insecurities.


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