Joel Embiid is getting paid, signs to Five-year, $148 million extension

by Pepe


First off, congrats to Joel Embiid. He is officially making Mozgov money. Before Woj dropped this bomb on us, I think the biggest Philadelphia-related basketball story was that former Villanova star Daniel Ochefu got cut by the mediocre Wizards. I was wrong. The Woj Bomb came at 5:32 PM when he tweeted:

As far as whether or not this deal is going to pay off in the long run? Fuck it, doesn’t matter. I think right now it would be about the equivalent to investing in Bitcoin. High risk, but an unlimited ceiling and you’re gonna have a lot of fun watching it rise. However, when it falls, it’ll fall hard. Joel Embiid is the Sixers centerpiece right now and without him they aren’t contenders in the League. This amount of money will be looked at as pennies in the long run if he stays healthy. He is the best center in the East hands down right now and he’s only played 31 games. Besides, when you compare this deal to the Mozgov deal that the Lakers made, it makes perfect sense.

This deal probably means that Joel Embiid WILL play and start on opening night. (Emeka Okafor and Kris Humphries were probably disheartened to hear the news, but they will have a fun time playing alongside Ochefu in Europe.) The Sixers will be a very exciting team to watch this year and I think will start off flying under the rader. “Expert” Zach Lowe predicts that the final spot in the East will come down to the Pistons and the Sixers, but I don’t think that’s accurate. They’ll be a lot better than most teams in the East.

This is the most excited I’ve been for a Sixers season in the Process-Era and for good reason. Everything Hinkie worked for has culminated into the 2017-2018 season and all the pieces seem to be in place. I’ll celebrate this deal tonight by betting $5 that Joel Embiid will win MVP this year. Trust The Process

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