How Old is Greg Monroe? (An investigation)

When it was announced that the Sixers would be waiving Justin Patton aka General Patton and they would be signing Greg Monroe, I had mixed feelings. It was ashame that Justin Patton wouldn’t be with the Sixers anymore as only Delaware Blue Coats die-hard fans had real exposure to Patton’s style of play. I would’ve like to have seen more of him, but ultimately it really doesn’t impact the Sixers at all moving into the playoffs. On the other hand the Sixers would be getting 35-year old veteran Greg Monroe who has played for both the Celtics and Raptors in the past few years and may provide valuable intel into how these teams operate. Ultimately I made peace with the release & signing and went about my day. But that is when I discovered something…

Checking Greg Monroe’s Wikipedia page it says his birthday is June 4, 1990 meaning that Monroe is only…28?!?! But how could that be? All my memories of modern-day basketball center around Greg Monroe:

On the Celtics:







On the Raptors:







His college days at Georgetown:










His days on Michigan’s Fab 5:









His days with Detroit:










Coaching Bill Russell:








These questions were really weighing down on me. How could he have accomplished all this and still be only 28? And that’s when I looked a little farther back in the basketball history books. Back to the very beginning. That’s when I found this image:








Seems to be just Maude and James Naismith shooting around in the early days, right? Well take a closer look:










My god! And that is when it hit me. The Greg Monroe signing wasn’t to just get intel on the Celtics and Raptors over the last couple of years. It was to get intel on the entire game of basketball, since it’s inception!! Brilliant signing Elton, just brilliant!

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