High 2k18 ratings for the Sixers signify that times are changing

by Pepe

The 76ers are soon going to be one of the teams that you can’t play as in 2k because they’re too good. Gone are the days where the only time you would pick the Sixers would be to have a competitive game against that one guy who doesn’t know the difference between the shot and pass button and would have to pick the Warriors to even keep it remotely competitive.

NBA 2k ratings are slowly trickling out, but what has been released so far is positive. First off, the fact that 76ers have even been chosen to have their 2k rating released alongside the likes of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and John Wall to promote their game was thought to be unfathomable just last year by the Stephen A. Smiths and Howard Eskins of the world. Although he was unhappy about it, Joel Embiid got an 86 rating which is impressive for a guy who hasn’t played a full season yet. Markelle Fultz received an 80 rating which is incredibly high for a rookie and only 16 points below the snake at Golden State. All in all, the Sixers are slowly climbing the ranks and a definite increase in Dario Saric’s rating and possibly Ben Simmons’ rating along with the addition of JJ Reddick will make the 76ers a solid team to play as in 2k this year.


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