Goodell is Hitler

By Coach Buddy Stephens



Roger Goodell is incompetent and unable to do his job, so Ezekiel Elliot has to pay about $5,000,000 (when you consider the money he would lose during the games he sits out). To top it off lets give Goodell an extension and a raise, for his inability to perform as commissioner of the NFL. Roger Goodell handed down a 6 game suspension for cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot leading into the 2017-2018 NFL season, following over a year long investigation into accusations of domestic-violence by Elliot’s ex-girlfriend. This suspension came after one NFL employee, the only one who interviewed Elliot’s ex-girlfriend, said she would not suggest a suspension for Elliot based on the testimony of his ex-girlfriend. Given the legal system not being able to make a case based on the lack of evidence and the conflicting testimonies from Elliot’s accuser and friends of the two, it seems that Elliot should have been off the hook for the accusations. However, since Goodell was unable to do his job in the past cases of Ray Rice and Greg Hardy, he had to save his own ass by suspending the leagues reigning leading rusher and breakout rookie for six games.

To top it off anyone remember the ex-Giants kicker Josh brown? Well he was suspended by the league for 1 WHOLE GAME and then cut by the Giants after he admitted to domestic violence and a journal entry came out of Brown’s detailed accounts of cases of domestic violence of his then wife. Brown said in that journal that he felt no empathy for others. So Zeke gets suspended 6 games for an accusation with no evidence, but Josh Brown has a documented diary of multiple admitted instances of domestic violence and he only has to sit out a game? It seems like someone is saving their own ass regardless of what this means for the players or teams in the league. Don’t get me wrong here, if Elliot is in fact guilty of the accused instances of domestic violence there is no doubt that he should be given the 6-games if not more and hell, he should even stand trial and be convicted. The fact however, that Elliot is being punished in this magnitude with no real evidence to back the suspension, shows Goodell making up for his fuck ups in the past.

Why this asshole who has plummeting TV ratings (coupled with a clear inability to handle any fucking situation tossed his way) results in getting an extension and to make this worse a raise, is beyond me. What I really want to know is where I can find a job paying millions, where I don’t have to be held responsible for any fuck ups and in fact when I do fuck up and cant accomplish the simplest of tasks that the job requires I still have the job. In fact I still have the job, get a extension to continue to fuck up and to top it off they pay me more money to continue to do so. If Goodell really believes and knows Elliot should serve this suspension, then he should put his own money where his mouth is and how about if in the future it comes out that Elliot was innocent, then Goodell gets sued and pays Elliot all of the money he lost out of his own pockets.

Fuck you Goodell.

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