Furkan Korkmaz is unhappy in Philadelphia

Folks it pains me to report this. Furkan Korkmaz is not happy in Philadelphia. Korkmaz was vocal this past week about not getting enough minutes on this team stating that he just wants to play the game he loves. Korkmaz hasn’t logged more than eight minutes in any of the games this year and three of them he sat out entirely. He has four total points, but it shooting 0% from three, which is something he thrived at in the Summer League.

All things considered, it comes as no surprise that yesterday the Sixers turned down Korkmaz’s third year option on his contract making him an unrestricted free agent this upcoming summer. Things may only get worse for Korkmaz as the season goes on. Wilson Chandler coming back from injury will only cut even deeper into his potential playing time. To make matters worse, Korkmaz hasn’t really been impressive with the limited minutes he is getting. There is an outside chance that Korkmaz gets more minutes in upcoming games by replacing a struggling Dario Saric, but who knows.

For now, let’s just remember the good times:

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