Dario Saric and Robert Covington’s return headlines one of the most emotional regular season games in memory

This day has been marked on my calendar since the trade happened. January 15th, 2019. Robert Covington and Dario Saric, two process legends who were doubted from the start, make their return to Philly. Dario and RoCo meant so much to the people of Philadelphia not only because of how hard they played, but what they meant to the team. They embodied what The Process was all about. Developing young talent into capable NBA Players all while being doubted by the media. Covington was infamously dubbed as someone who the Sixers brought to Philadelphia in order to lose in the 14-15 season. That gem was written by Tom Ley of deadspin who could of said that about pretty much everyone else on that fucking disaster of a team, but no, he had to pick the guy that would go on to be First Team All Defense. Resident Philadelphia sports pundit Howard Eskin went on and on about how Dario Saric would never actually come over to play in Philadelphia despite Dario saying he would come in two years and never changing his stance. There are our guys. Despite being in different uniforms now and in different cities, they are still sons of Philadelphia.

To make matters worse for the emotional wellbeing of Sixers fans, this Dario quote resurfaced yesterday: “I didn’t trade myself. I never asked to leave. Philadelphia was my first home. I never asked to leave.” Oooooooofffffff. Covington also was quoted as saying “Philly’s my first true home.” Listen, the trade needed to be done in order for the Sixers to advance later in the season, but this hurts like hell.  Fast friends T. J. McConnell and Dario Sario also had dinner together last night. Love always finds a way. Thankfully, Jerryd Bayless will be returning to Philly to sort of calm our emotions as we remember that at the very least this trade got him the hell out of here. Finally, Marc Zumoff will be honored before the game for his 25 years of service as the voice of the Sixers. Well deserved to the guy who should’ve beaten out Idris Elba for Sexiest Man Alive in 2018.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I bought tickets to the game a day or two after the trade. Unfortunately due to an unforseen event (getting a job), I had to return them and sell them back to stubhub as I work tonight. Making maybe $1-2 dollars a month on this blog which we can’t even cash out yet because it is below the threshold simply doesn’t pay the bills. And I know what you’re thinking. Can’t you just be a deadbeat and sit on your ass like your friend Hank? No, fuck that!

Anyway, bring the tissues tonight Philly. I at least hope that when the Wendy’s Frosty Freezeout begins in the second half they at least pan the camera over to Robert Covington who cracks a smile. Can’t expect him to cheer on a miss from his Andrew Wiggins (probably like how Jimmy Butler did), but I bet the nostalgia of when he used to pump up the crowd will at least bring a smile to his face.

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