‪Bet the Kid’s College Funds on the Sixers to beat the Warriors tonight‬

disclaimer: VoteTheProcess.com is not responsible for any losses that may occur from betting on a very young team unable to finish games to beat the greatest team ever assembled in NBA history.

By Pepe

Ah yes, the annual article you have all been waiting for. I would just like to reiterate that I have been wrong before. Last year I advised you all to bet the house on the Sixers to topple the Warriors.

Bet everything you own on the Sixers to beat the Warriors tonight

Many of you (correctly assuming that you latch on to my ever word for financial advice) are probably now homeless. Well, what if I told you that you can get that house back? You just have to take out a loan and double down!

The Warriors do indeed play the Sixers tonight in what has been a past few years of memorable games, none of which I remember the Sixers winning. Of course there was the infamous game winning three from Harrison Barnes in the 15-16 season that sunk one of the worst teams in the NBA. And who can forget last year when the Sixers blew a 30 point lead against the Warriors at home. Incredible times, and both teams have only gotten better since then.

Of course you have the Warriors who added Boogie Cousins this offseason while the Sixers have a much improved young core and one Jimmy Butler. Everyone knows that at this point Joel Embiid is much better than Boogie Cousins and probably was better them him years ago when they got into a game of slap-ass when he was on the Kings.


Why do I think the Sixers will win? Well I’m not even sure I do, but I’ve made it a tradition to bet on this game everytime it comes around. The odds are much worse than last year’s +750 for the exact same game.

The current odds for the Sixers to win are +300-350. I’ll take those odds. I will be betting $17. Every once in a while a result comes around in the NBA that you don’t expect and this is one of those games. In addition, Bryan Colangelo hasn’t been at the controls for the Sixers for several months now, sabotaging every move.

This matchup is essentially a passing of the torch. The Warriors are the so-called heels of the NBA (at least in their own minds), but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A heel is a wrestling term meaning a villain, but heels embrace scrutiny, they don’t run from it. What heel creates burner accounts, cries to Kevin Durant on the phone from their car after losing Game 7 or freaks out to his agent over the phone after backlash from a cowardly free agent move? Certainly not a good heel… Look for Embiid to clown Durant and Draymond and claim the throne as the best heels in the NBA.



So please, much like last time, bet it all on the Sixers. Please be on the lookout in the coming days for a retraction and a public apology from me.

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