Bet everything you own on the Sixers to beat the Warriors tonight

by Pepe

disclaimer: is not responsible for any losses that may occur from betting on a very young team unable to finish games to beat the greatest team ever assembled in NBA history.

Yep, I can say it with confidence. This young Sixers team is beating the Warriors tonight. I’ve done the math, I’ve ran the numbers and I’ve watched tape. All signs point to a Sixers win. Although the Kings loss may have been a heart-breaker, especially at 1:00 AM for most Sixers fans, it simply makes the odds that much juicier. Right now on Bovada the Sixers spread is at +14, while the Warriors is at -14. That’s nice and all, but I’m looking to bet on them beating them straight-up because they are actually going to beat the Warriors. If Bovada, has the balls to even release the money line numbers, look for them to be around +700. update: the line is now +750 for the Sixers to win

Not convinced? Let’s run some comparisons. Is Embiid better than Draymond Green? Yeah. Is Ben Simmons better than Kevin Durant? Definitely. Is the combination of Embiid, Robert Covington and Ben Simmons better than the combination of Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson? You bet. Plus, Klay probably wants to come to Philly next year, so he’ll throw this game in hopes that we sign him.

Now let’s look at their schedules.  The Sixers have wins over the Rockets and the Pistons, to name a few teams? The Warriors? They lost to the Rockets and the Pistons! Analytically that means the Sixers are two games better than the Warriors.

How about trash talking? Well Golden State is not relatively known for its trash-talking, but rather its tantrums. Little Steph likes to throw his mouth-guard, while Draymond likes to kick his opponents in the balls. Embiid is the best trash talker in the league and has already told Draymond that he’s gonna kick is ass. You know Draymond has considered avoiding this game altogether out of fear of Embiid, but he has contractual obligations, so look for him to run scared all four quarters.

The Bottom Line is that the Warriors are going to take the Sixers very lightly. The Sixers will march into Oracle Arena, put on a show in front of all the Warriors fans (2015-present) and take a W. So put on your big-boy pants, break out the rainy-day fund (potentially the college fund) and bet big on the Sixers. Trust the Process

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