76ers will go after Kyle Lowry in Free Agency

by Pepe

The NBA Playoffs are well under way and absolutely nothing has changed. The two most dominant teams will most likely meet again in the finals. Regardless of who they play in the Conference Finals, nobody actually expects the Cavs or the Warriors to have any trouble getting back to the finals. Will this become a trend? Are the Cavs and Warriors destined to meet in the finals every year for the next decade? Many basketball fans wonder who the next great team will be that will close the gap between the top two teams and the rest of the league. Could it be the surging and draft pick-heavy Celtics or even… the 76ers?

One constant theme from the past four years of playoffs hasn’t changed. That is, that the Raptors enter the playoffs and are completey lost. The dominant regular season duo of Lowry and Derozan turn into the “Trash Brothers” and look very much like a deer in headlights. Derozan is regularly referred to as “Defrozen.” The Cavs swept them yesterday in a very one-sided series and many are speculating that it is finally time for head coach Dwane Casey to exit. Furthermore, Kyle Lowry is in the last year of his contract which means, if he leaves, that the Raptors may be hitting the reset button.

Enter the Philadelphia 76ers. They have reportedly expressed interest in signing the 3-time All Star who first entered the league in 2006. The 76ers were the team Lowry grew up watching as he attended Cardinal Dougherty High School and then played for the legendary Villanova team that consisted of Randy Foye, Allen Ray and Dante Cunningham. Kyle Lowry would be a great addition to the 76ers…in the short term. However, giving Lowry a max contract is not what the 76ers should do here. He is now in his 30s and hasn’t proven to be capable of doing anything in the playoffs. The 76ers should spend their money elsewhere as he’s just not a long term solution to the Sixers problems at the guard position. However, Lowry will most likely want to sign a lengthy, max contract as he has made the All Star team 3 years in a row. With Colagenlo at the helm though, who knows what will happen. Stay tuned…

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