A lazy attempt at recapping Sixers’ Media Day

by Pepe

Well Sixers’ media day started off with a bang… What better way to complement the recent signing of Kris Humphries than by announcing that the Sixers also won the Emeka Okafor sweepstakes?

Yes, not only are both of these guys still alive and have NBA careers, but they are on our team now. Before we thought that one underachieving NCAA Champ named Okafor on the team was enough, but I’m glad we have more depth in that area now. Unfortunately this leads Sixers fan to fear the worst. That Joel Embiid is not ready for training camp. I don’t think it’s something to look into too much, but Embiid’s health is worth keeping an eye on especially as the regular season gets closer. Embiid has assured us that the scans since his surgery have proven that everything is fine, but I’ll still be holding my breath until he resumes to regular 5 on 5 action.

Possibly the best outcome to come out of this media day was twitter user @SportsDirectTV’s snipe of Dario Saric in the press box eating a donut. Enjoy

Fultz also had some Chick-Fil-A prepared for him:

But, perhaps the biggest attraction on media day was the young Aussie, Ben Simmons. After missing last season with a broken foot, Ben Simmons assured the media that he is officially back and ready to do big things. He chalked up last year as a learning experience and is ready to lead the Sixers heading into this year. He was also asked about a poll issued annually to Rookies in August, to which the results didn’t turn out in his favor. His fellow Rookies voted him fourth most likely to win Rookie of the Year which also tied with Kyle Kuzma who plays for the Lakers and Donovan Mitchell who plays for the Jazz. That’s right, his fellow Rookies ranked a future all-time-great alongside future journeymen Donovan Mitchell and Kyle Kuzma. I hadn’t heard of them either and frankly I’ll make an effort to ignore their careers. He is also two spots below Lonzo Ball… I guess it just shows that even in the NBA where athletes earn millions of dollars and have the world at their fingertips, jealousy still plays a major factor in how others are viewed. Simmons will get the last laugh.

Look, NBA media day is bullshit. It’s a marketing effort by the team to celebrate the upcoming year. We heard nothing today that we haven’t heard since the season ended. At the end of the day we should just be thankful that Sam Hinke turned this:

Into this:

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